NPS Cloud Suite Services


Efficient, Reliable, Cost Effective, and Secure  

The future of healthcare technology is in the cloud, and NPS has developed a suite of HIPAA compliant cloud-based services to make your transition to the healthcare cloud as seamless as possible. The efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of cloud services are well documented and our NPS Cloud Suite is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to hosting your clinical and business applications with confidence.

NPS Cloud Hosting Features:

  • Healthcare Application Hosting

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

  • Hot Failover Disaster Recovery

  • Reduced Capital Expenditures

  • Data Center Redundancy

  • Automated Backup

  • Scalable Storage and Computing Power

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Healthcare Application Hosting
Cloud hosting provides many benefits and cost savings for today's modern practice such as: reduced IT overhead, improved performance, better security, HIPAA compliance, more reliability and redundancy for reduced downtime.

Hosting Compliance Risk Analysis
NPS partners with HIPAA One to conduct our compliance risk assessments for managing patient health information (PHI) in the cloud for HIPAA compliance. With our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis process, our certified and insured services can drive the process with your staff and deliver most on-site Risk Analysis within 4 days or less.

Hosting Compliance Solutions
Our hosting compliance solutions provide essential services such as log management, web application firewalls and multi-site replication for real application resiliency that are fundamental to developing a fully compliant solution to meet HIPAA / HITECH security standards such as Meaningful Use.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection
Protect your critical clinical and business data using NPS Safety Net, our comprehensive suite of cloud safety services designed to instill the confidence that your data is safe and secure; should the situation arise, our disaster recovery service will get you back up and running in less than 3 hours.

Hosting Cloud Desktop 
Our cloud desktop services ensure optimal delivery of hosted clinical and business applications to desktops throughout your organization with 24/7 call desk support.

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Why The Cloud?

Hardware – eliminate the need for high cost, high maintenance servers
Storage – leverage scalable and inexpensive digital  le capacity
Applications – simplify upgrades and maintenance, reduce licensing costs
Computing power – use only what you need, add power as demand increases
Empower IT – focus your IT resources on high-value projects and innovation
Efficiency – improve system performance with reduce downtime
Flexibility – increase mobility for providers and employees
Energy – reduce energy cost