Increase Practice Performance Through IT

Managing a high-performance practice is no easy task. From a pure service perspective, it is challenging at every level; the domain itself (medicine), the number of individual transactions (i.e. patient visits), the variability of the financial ecosystem (multiple payers with different rules), combined with evolving standards about what constitutes good care. Clearly, we are not in Kansas anymore.

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Strategic Planning for a High-Performance Practice

Healthcare is undergoing transformative changes at an unprecedented speed. In order to cope with these rapid changes, strategic planning has become a critical element to the success of

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What Does it Take to Build a High-Performance Practice?

High-performance medical practices see health information technology, in its many forms, as the key to healthcare system transformation. Health IT is the requisite toolkit whereby clinicians, care teams, and their patients can participate in models of care that reward value over volume and capture the required data for performance reporting. 


NPS_NOV_NewsMGMA_300x200-82372.jpgWe Get IT Brand Unveiled at MGMG16 in San Francisco!    
National Physician Services (NPS) unveiled a new look and brand identity at the MGMA16 national conference in San Francisco last month. 

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