What it takes to build a High-Performance Practice.



A high-performance medical practice will have as its mission the provision of high-quality health care by physicians who are patient-centric and use the best information technology available to identify and deliver best practices medical care.

High-performance medical practices see health information technology, in its many forms, as the key to healthcare system transformation. Health IT is the requisite toolkit whereby clinicians, care teams, and their patients can participate in models of care that reward value over volume and capture the required data for performance reporting.

Information technology is an essential tool in high-performance medical practices to help them coordinate treatment across multiple practitioners and settings, reduce redundancy in diagnostic testing, improve the accuracy of diagnoses, and monitor patient outcomes.

Following are the elements of an IT strategy plan that if deployed with a proven methodology will bring success and high performance to any medical practice: 

  • Strategic Planning | IT Governance

  • Compliance | Auditing | Security

  • Cloud Services | Infrastructure | Mobile | Desktop

  • Application Support | Performance Optimization

  • Project and Vendor Management

  • Training | Education | Support

There are two key components in an effective IT plan that will ensure your practice can achieve high-performance standards:

  • A comprehensive strategy for managing populations of patients that leverage IT and other technologies to increase adherence to appropriate treatments and optimize outcomes.

  • Data collection and analytics that identify your practice revenue generation and business costs to help you deliver the best patient care at the appropriate cost levels.

This final element of an IT strategy – performance optimization – is critical to the success of any medical practice.  A high-performance medical practice will use information technology to capture the relevant data necessary for creating actionable insights into your clinical outcomes, your patients’ experiences and the practice’s revenue and business operational costs.

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