We Get IT revealed at MGMA16


NPS_NOV_News1_300x200-06183.jpgNational Physician Services (NPS) unveiled a new look and brand identity at the MGMA16 national conference in San Francisco last month.  The - We Get IT - identity is both a play on words and a serious statement about the core value proposition that NPS brings to the market. 

As a healthcare IT services company founded by physicians and dedicated to delivering end-to-end information technology solutions for the healthcare industry- building high-performance clinical practices is a core competence of NPS.
We Get IT!  

NPS_NOV_News2_300x200-06183.jpgThe theme was further extended to illustrate NPS's primary service delivery lines by integrating unique clinical images to highlight: thoughtful IT advisory services (The Head); essential IT infrastructure designed to maintain the pulse of HIT (The Heart); and, expert managed IT services (The Hands). NPS_NOV_News3_300x200-82372.jpgThe program was rolled out in the form of new booth graphics, a new corporate presentation, and very popular We Get IT t-shirts that were given away to the many conference attendees who stopped by to learn more about our company.

We look forward to reconnecting with everyone who stopped by to say hello over the next several weeks.

For More Information Contact:
Dan Contaldi
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