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Managing a high-performance practice is no easy task. From a pure service perspective, it is challenging at every level; the domain itself (medicine), the number of individual transactions (i.e. patient visits), the variability of the financial ecosystem (multiple payers with different rules), combined with evolving standards about what constitutes good care. Clearly, we are not in Kansas anymore.

With the emergence of the electronic health record, starting in the mid-1990s, and coming to full fruition in the era of Meaningful Use, we have added the additional complexity of information technology (IT). Managing this complexity—in addition to everything noted above—has become a core requirement of a high performing practice.

Because IT is now as foundational as the exam room and electricity to the daily function of the practice, owners and administrators have to carefully consider how it is managed. Is this an internal function with employed staff or should it be outsourced to a third party or a hybrid of the two? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, it is impossible to determine whether your practice is making the right choice about IT management without carefully considering the full spectrum of IT prerogatives—uptime and availability, privacy and security, backup, data integrity, help desk, updates—the list goes on.

It is worth a conversation with experts to determine if your current strategy makes sense and whether you are managing your practice to the high performance that your patients and providers deserve. NPS is an expert, honed by years of practical experience at practices like yours. This newsletter contains important topics for consideration as part our dialogue with practices. It’s time to start the conversation. contact NPS and let's "tune" your practice for performance!

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