Managing The Digital Transformation With NPS Advisory Services

 “Manage and maximize your Healthcare IT technology for security and better patient outcomes.” 


Sounds easy enough, right? Here’s an article you might want to take a look at to give you an idea of how much information is coming at you every day, at a whirlwind pace - and keep in mind, the applications listed here are just some of the ones available to help your practice interact with patients.  

As an organization founded by physicians, National Physician Services understands the complexity of healthcare IT – and can help you in this challenging and rapidly evolving arena with our Healthcare IT Advisory services.

Because our physician ownership background, we have a hands-on knowledge of healthcare IT in general, but more importantly, we understand how to work with you to make your IT systems functional, interoperable, while always keeping them up-to-date.  

"In every sector of the economy, there is that digital transformation that is going on. To fund that, you have to make the infrastructure more efficient to get to that innovation – and, of course, there’s kind of a parallel problem, which is as you create all these new devices, the attack surface from a security standpoint gets greater. What I see in terms of the innovation, the evolution is very much how does it become a digital industry.  And, how is all this information, data translated into better outcomes, better patient success."

-Michael Dell, Remarks at HIMSS16

If you need a virtual CIO to recommend systems that your in-house staff implements and oversees, NPS can help. If you need a full-service IT department that recommends, installs, maintains and upgrades your IT system, NPS has that capacity, too. 

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Each practice is unique, and so is your IT infrastructure and operation. We’ll walk you through the evaluation and strategic planning process from an initial review, to a transitional step, to a full re-tooling of your healthcare IT needs. 

To meet the challenging demands of physician practices in today's competitive healthcare market, NPS offers valuable results-oriented services delivered by our team of experts. Our consultants understand that obtaining your goals efficiently and successfully is the only thing that matters. 

Our advisory services include:

     Strategic Planning | IT Governance

     Compliance | Auditing | Security

     Cloud Services | Infrastructure | Mobile | Desktop

     Application Support | Performance Optimization

     Project and Vendor Management

     Training | Education | Support 

Choose the level of support that you need, and we can start you off with a free Advisory Consultation. You’ll be in good hands! 

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