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    Big Data - Driving Innovation In Healthcare Data Storage

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We all know that Big Data demands on healthcare data storage are increasing astronomically - EHRs, population health, clinical analytics, privacy & security, regulatory requirements and expectations of real time reporting, all place high stress on system performance.
At NPS, we address these challenges in the healthcare marketplace every day by designing, fine-tuning and supporting healthcare data systems that improve clinical performance and financial results. We understand the unique needs of the medical community when it comes to information technology and system performance.                                            

Join National Physician Services (NPS) and listen in as technology innovator Mike McLaughlin, Director of Technical Marketing at Datrium provides an overview of some of the new technologies and products available to help you:
  • Significantly improve the performance of your existing storage environment
  • Eliminate unnecessary controller and storage costs
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your data center
  • Make your system more scalable and easier to manage

This Webinar Took Place on Thursday, June 2nd 2016

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Who Should Attend:
Healthcare IT Professionals, Network Managers, CIO's, Database Administrator, or anyone interested in the future of data storage.

What You'll Learn: The data storage industry is rapidly evolving and Mike McLaughlin will explain the current state of storage, where the industry is headed and details about array storage, hyper-converged and what is on the horizon for new storage management options.

 About Bryan Graven

bryan.jpg  Bryan Graven / CEO, National Physician Services

Bryan Graven has served as the CEO at National Physician Services (NPS) since 2014. He has an extensive background in strategic planning, leadership, team building and execution. His vision is to leverage NPS technology solutions to enable the medical community to maximize revenue and deliver exceptional patient care. 


 About Craig Nunes

craig.jpgCraig Nunes CEO / VP Marketing, Datrium

Craig Nunes is Vice President of Marketing at Datrium. Prior to Datrium, Nunes served as Vice President of Global Marketing for the HP Enterprise Storage business since the acquisition of 3PAR in September 2010. Nunes holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Stanford University and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business.  

About Mike McLaughlin

Mike.jpgMike McLaughlin / Director of Technical Marketing

Mike McLaughlin has been working in the computer industry for over 30 years in a variety of roles from software developer to systems architect. During that time he has been involved on the customer side, as channel integrator and now in technology vendor roles. The past 10-15 years have been focused on storage solutions with companies like Veritas, Data Domain, EMC, Nimble Storage and now Datrium.

 About Datrium


Datrium is a balance of people who come from a depth of virtualization and storage backgrounds. Our product reflects this and our founders include some of the most experienced people in the storage industry including: (2) VMware Principal Engineers, (1) EMC Fellow, (2) EMC VPs, (1) Data Domain Founder, (2) Data Domain CTOs, and (1) Initial Architect, NetApp SnapVault.

A management team made up of veterans and innovators from VMware and Data Domain, produced the most widely deployed log-structured file system in history and the most widely deployed inline compressed / deduped file system. These are unorthodox storage foundations historically, but as it turns out they are central to the future of enterprise storage. As flash and disk media progress, they both require large, loggy writes. Also, write amplification in lower-cost SSDs is reduced by an order of magnitude leading to better durability based larger log writes with deduplication and compression inline, like Data Domain.