Modernizing Patient Care Has Taken the Focus Off of the Patient

It is no secret that creating a positive and pleasant experience is paramount to developing a larger patient base while still maintaining existing patients. As the shift in the medical world moves to an ever increasing digital flow, quite often front office staff find themselves engaging with their computer more than your patients. Whether it is the endless scanning and copying of forms, the influx of faxes from various sources, etc.,  poorly developed workflows and a limited selection of effective workflow products in the market, make for a very impersonal patient experience.


In his 2016 address to the House of Delegates at the American Medical Association (AMA) Annual Meeting, AMA CEO James L Madara, M.D. stated, “More and more we’re seeing digital tools in medicine that, unlike digital tools in other industries, make the provision of care less, not more, efficient. And these digital tools often don’t connect with each other—interoperability remains a dream.”



Across the spectrum of EMRs, PM systems, BI/Analytics, and various other systems being mandated by various governmental agencies, the medical community continues to struggle with limited  products offering little to no interoperability. Generally data exists in multiple systems that do not communicate and share data and requires a massive investment of time to enter and re-enter data at various stages of the patient engagement process. In the coming weeks, NPS will introduce some new technologies entering the market that address these inefficiencies and automate the front end processes so that patient engagement once again becomes the primary focus of your practice.