Datrium’s DVX 3.0 and Split Provisioning is ‘tomorrow calling’

National Physician Services has a partnership with Datrium with a goal to provide well-rounded solutions for your hosting environment, highlighted by quality performance and security. For over two years now, we have worked together to provide the next wave of innovation for healthcare data storage by utilizing Datrium’s technology in our production environment.

Datrium has been the leading provider of Open Converged Infrastructure for private clouds, and they are now innovating their solutions with new features. The updated DVX 3.0 now comes with new fundamental changes, which includes Split Provisioning. With their enhanced solution, your practice will be able to function at top performance.

DVX 3.0 is the solution of the future; now it offers the first server-powered converged infrastructure system to fully separate scaling of host storage and speed capacity. Datrium use to only offer solutions supported by a single Data Node. With the introduction of DVX 3.0 and Split Provisioning, they now offer scalability from 1-128 Compute Nodes and 1-10 Data Nodes in a single system.

The system features include:

  • 200 GB/sec read bandwidth
  • 18 million input/output operations per second
  • 8 GB/sec write throughput
  • 7 PB of effective capacity

“As specialty appliances decline, the future of private clouds will look like DVX,” stated Brain Biles, who is the CEO and co-founder of Datrium. “Split Provisioning enables an order of magnitude more application bandwidth than most all-flash arrays, much simpler rack scale consolidation than HCI, and better secondary storage than either. This is tomorrow calling.”

The next wave of innovation just started, are you ready to step into the future? Contact us today!