An Affinity Partnership that Enhances Connecticut’s Healthcare

National Physician Services (NPS) and KaMMCO Health Solutions (KHS) are working with Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) to enhance the healthcare industry for the State of Connecticut. Under our Affinity Partnership with CSMS, reserved solely for innovative companies, we are striving to provide state-of-art technology solutions for healthcare providers to optimize their workflows, enhance the quality of care, safeguard the health of patients, provide interoperability and maximize revenue.

Providing the Foundation   

National Physician Services provides a foundation consisting of managed IT, application support, reporting, system integration and workflow automation solutions. Because of a focused offering of technology services, this gives access to a solutions tailored to the growing technology needs of the Connecticut medical Community.

“This is an example of an opportunity for CSMS physician practices to take advantage of the skills and technology that hospitals and large practices who use NPS have been utilizing for years” stated Bryan Graven, CEO of NPS. “This partnership is all about providing value to the medical community and enabling practices with the foundation necessary to succeed in today’s complex healthcare environment.”

Providing Interoperability

KaMMCO Heath Solutions is establishing a statewide, physician-led health information network that will allow physicians, hospitals and other providers to share patient information. The launch of the new CSMS-endorsed entity will employ powerful analytics tools designed to help improve clinical outcomes, reduce inefficiencies and positively impact safety. By providing interoperability and actionable intelligence through analytics, the health information network will provide physicians with tools to succeed in the new value-based healthcare delivery.

“Connecticut physicians have been waiting for some time to have a functioning interoperable system,” said CSMS President Jeffrey A. Gordon, MD. “We know that the electronic exchange of medical information improves health outcomes by giving physicians the right information at the right time. Care is better when we are connected.”

CSMS Affinity Partners

NPS and KHS Affinity Partnership with CSMS allows the construction of a solution that will have Connecticut physician advocacy at its core. National Physician Services will provide the necessary foundation to succeed with the changing technology needs, and KaMMCO Health Solution will provide a statewide interoperable system that gives physicians shared patient information. This collaboration provides a solution that will enhance healthcare throughout the State of Connecticut.