Expand Your Possibilities with SmartFax

Can you name your office’s top three efficiency challenges? If you are like most practices, there’s a good chance that faxing workflows are on your list. Healthcare professionals like you know that your offices still run on fax machines. But there are better ways to use fax technology. SmartOffice MD offers a comprehensive e-faxing automation tool that you can use without leaving your desk.

Your patients demand more than competent healthcare. They expect compassion, support navigating the insurance system, and an efficient practice. With the many tasks your staff needs to accomplish in a given day, mistakes happen. Sometimes records are not sent, insurance goes unverified, or a patient call is not returned. What if you could automate your front office workflow? With National Physician Services’ SmartOffice MD platform, you can.

Our workflow automation suite empowers you to focus on your patients. We have built a specific suite of tools, engineered with advanced security features that protect sensitive patient medical data and are fully compliant with HIPAA.

The Solution: SmartFax: Automated e-Fax Platform

Faxing has been estimated to account for 75% of today’s medical office communications. Our platform makes sending and receiving faxes as easy as email from your desktop. Our cost effective SmartFax platform integrates into your practice clinical systems or can work as a standalone solution.

Seven Benefits of SmartFax
  • Cost Effective solution for faxing electronically
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Catalogue, Index, and Search faxes securely
  • Reduce material and personnel costs
  • Uses existing IT infrastructure and or Cloud model for delivery
  • Integrates with EMR and practice workflows
  • User-friendly and saves time
Compliant Communications

Physicians’ offices cannot afford to cut corners. Many of today’s automation and sharing tools are not designed to handle the specific compliance needs for Healthcare. With our platform, you can be sure your practice is meeting compliance standards.

Ready to Optimize Your Workflow?

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