Office Automation – Patient Appointment Reminder Solution

Do the front office functions of your practice take up too much of your staff’s time? We’ve been there. That’s why our team at National Physician Services created SmartOffice MD. SmartOffice MD is a suite of applications that optimizes front office workflow by automating processes and allowing your office staff to focus on patient services rather than paperwork, phone calls, and communications.

You want your staff to be able to provide your patients with the best possible care. That means they need to be able to focus on the person in front of them checking in for the first time, or the returning patient calling to book their next visit. Compassionate, caring staff at all levels of your practice build the relationships that keep patients returning to your practice and referring their friends.

Inefficient office technology spreads your resources thin and takes valuable time and attention away from your patients. Those minutes spent going to and from the fax machine add up, costing you money and staff time. Phone calls chasing after patients with appointment reminders pulls focus from the patient standing in front of you waiting to check in. We can alleviate those concerns for your practice with SmartComm, SmartOffice MD’s patient and practice communication management solution.

SmartComm automates many of your patient outreach tasks. It’s key features include:

  • Personalized Telephone Appointment Reminders
  • Texting and Email Appointment Reminders
  • Appointment Rescheduling
  • Patient Surveys
  • Bill Payment Reminders
  • Patient Feedback and Analytics
  • Practice Text Messaging and Alerts

You can be confident that our automation tools will enhance your processes without taking away the things that make your practice unique. SmartComm is designed to allow you to maintain your practice’s personality and brand while increasing office efficiency.

Let’s work together to build a more enjoyable office experience for your patients. Don’t spend your resources on inefficient front office processes any longer. Contact National Physician Services for a live demo detailing our communication solutions and how we can improve your procedures, so that your team can focus on providing high-quality care and increasing patient satisfaction.