3 Easy Ways SmartComm Can Increase Efficiency

In the fast-paced world we live in today, efficiency is a hot topic. Healthcare practices are always looking to boost revenue by making processes more efficient. Frankly, patients like it too. They have actually come to expect the same level of customer service from their healthcare providers that they get from any other organization. A practice that is running smoothly simply provides a better experience and that is what patients want.

SmartComm provides the solutions both providers and their patients are looking for to create the best experience. In fact, many practices are already doing things our solution could make easier for them. These three processes are examples of ways NPS can help a practices increase their efficiency and improve the patient experience.

  1. Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Appointment reminders are an important piece of communication in every practice. They carry a huge financial impact because without them, one third of patients will likely forget their appointments. That means a ton of wasted time for the practice and a frustrated patient who has to reschedule their appointment. While this is one of the most important pieces of communication, it is also one of the most time-consuming. Depending on how many appointments are scheduled each day, staff could spend hours calling patients to remind them of their appointments. By turning this task over to SmartComm, the appointment reminders go out to each patient via automated text, email, or voice call, and the software collects the confirmations for the practice. There’s no need for a staff member to spend hours of their time every day on a task that can so easily be handled automatically.

  1. Recall Messages

Just like appointment reminders, recall messages are a vital piece of communication. They ensure patients are reminded when it’s time to return to the practice for follow-up care. But this also can be a time-consuming task, and not always effective if done manually. Keeping track of when patients need to be seen and contacting them to schedule an appointment can lead to errors and patients slipping through the cracks—never receiving a recall message and never returning to the practice for another appointment. Taking advantage of the recall capabilities in SmartComm can automate this communication so the practice can ensure every patient receives a recall message, and the practice isn’t losing out on potential revenue.

  1. Communication between Appointments

Patients want to feel connected to their providers, and that means providers need to communicate with their patients more regularly than just for appointment reminders and recall notifications. Many practices build relationships by creating and sending newsletters or even birthday messages to their patients. This is another area where SmartComm can add a little bit of efficiency to a process the practice is already doing. Professional looking newsletters or a customized birthday greeting can easily be created in the software, and then scheduled to be sent to patients at a later date. Patients will appreciate a message from their provider on their birthday, or a newsletter keeping them in the loop with events and news happening at the practice. Then when it’s time for the patient to schedule their next appointment, they won’t even think twice about which provider they are going to schedule with.

Practices are already working toward many of the outcomes SmartComm provides. But by letting SmartComm take care of these tasks, the practice can provide a better, more efficient experience for their patients.

For more information call Craig Schuck, Business Development Director at (860) 650-1005 or email cschuck@nationalphysisicanservices.com