Disaster Recovery Planning for Physicians’ Offices

Disaster Recovery Planning for Physicians’ Offices

While you can’t predict a disaster, you’ve probably got precautions in place to prevent or manage them if they should occur. Whether it’s fire detectors or insurance, in both your daily life and your office, it’s better to be safe than sorry. But when it comes to preparing for a disaster, when is the last time you considered the safety of your digital data? It could be a fire, a flood, or even a malicious party compromising your network; but no matter the disaster, the risk to your practice is the same.

Your practice’s data isn’t just a few numbers in a computer – it includes personal information for each of your patients. Maintaining data and network availability not only poses problems regarding HIPAA compliance, but your ability to care for your patients as well. Keeping accurate and secure data for your patients is vital to providing them with high quality care, and system downtime can prevent your practice from running smoothly.

National Physician Services understands how loss of data or network downtime can affect your productivity and profitability. That’s why we developed a comprehensive and thorough disaster recovery solution that will keep your practice’s digital assets available and accessible, no matter the circumstances.

Over 40 healthcare clients depend on NPS’s hassle-free cloud hosting solution, and in doing so enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the reduced risk of HIPAA/HITECH security breaches, data loss, and interrupted network performance.

For each of our disaster recovery clients, we:

  • Provide a defined process for disaster recovery and manage your data replication
  • Work with all IT systems for multiple practices/locations
  • Offload legacy applications and maintain PHI data retention
  • Perform back-ups out of the cloud, reducing the overhead in your production environment
  • Offer a flexible solution to scale incrementally (paying only for what you are currently backing-up)
  • Schedule failover testing and manage the process on your schedule
  • Provide comprehensive technical services beyond your DR Run book, to setup a disaster recovery solution to meet your needs

What this means is we provide a customized, efficient, and complete disaster recovery plan to fit your business’ particular needs, while eliminating inconveniences to your practice’s workflow and productivity.

In developing our cloud solution for disaster recovery, we also partnered with HIPAA to assure our servers were compliant with your business’ legal obligations. Additionally, we also offer a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis to determine the security vulnerabilities to your business, usually within four days.

By partnering with NSP, you’ll gain access to numerous services, including healthcare application hosting, hosting compliance solutions, hosting cloud desktop services, revenue cycle management, and of course, disaster recovery and data protection. These services are designed to improve process efficiency and allow providers and staff to return to doing what they do best: caring for patients.

With the disaster recovery services available through NPS, there’s no reason to leave your most sensitive information and digital assets vulnerable to chance. Contact us today to receive a free disaster recovery assessment, and learn more about how NPS can make your data and network fail-proof.