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IT Infrastructure is at the heart of your practice, moving and managing the information that makes modern healthcare possible. At NPS we plan, design and implement mission-critical IT systems specifically for healthcare, providing the maximum value for your IT investment.

We optimize your healthcare IT infrastructure to increase performance, reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance and improve the quality of care. From networking, desktops & mobile devices, to data centers and disaster recovery, we have end-to-end solutions to the problems of healthcare information management, workflow, and communication.

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Networks | Desktops | Mobile

  • Computer Hardware Platforms
  • Operating System Platforms
  • Healthcare and Enterprise Applications
  • Data Management & Storage
  • Internet Platforms
  • System Integration Systems

Cloud Services | Data Center

  • Healthcare Application Hosting
  • Hot Failover Disaster Recovery
  • Reduced Capital Expenditures
  • Data Center Redundancy
  • Automated Backup
  • Scalable Storage and Computing Power

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Integrated Monitoring Solutions

  • Centralized Application Management
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Network Security Management
  • Network Asset Management
  • Virtualization Support - VMWare

On Premise High-Speed Storage Solutions

Faster Software Development and Test

  • Eliminates SAN read queuing delays
  • Dedupe: more versions per TB stored
  • NetShelf optimized for sequential IO

Simpler VM Consolidation

  • No SAN, LUN, or tier admin, just VM admin
  • Manage storage speed with vMotion
  • Any commodity x86, including blades

Lower-Cost & Fast Virtual Desktops

  • Instant, zero-copy desktop cloning
  • Rapid provisioning with minimal overhead
  • vSphere operators need no SAN training

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Backup | Disaster Recovery

  • Offload legacy applications and maintain PHI data retention
  • Perform back-ups out of the cloud to reduce overhead in your environment
  • Provide a defined process for DR and manage your data replication
  • Work with all IT systems for multiple practices/locations
  • Flexible solution to scale incrementally (pay only for what you are currently backing up)
  • Schedule failover testing and manage the process on your schedule
  • Provide comprehensive technical services beyond your DR Runbook

Performance Optimization Process

  • Assess Current Architecture
  • Measure Current Performance
  • Identify performance issues in hardware and application layers
  • Improve design, architecture, code, hardware and applications
  • Ongoing monitoring for continuous performance improvement

Optimization Goals

  • Improve System Throughput
  • Improve Response Time
  • Provide Scalability of Network & Applications

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