Office Automation MD

Workflow Automation Suite

Office Automation MD is a workflow automation suite that will optimize your practice’s front office processes. This integrated application suite addresses the most common sources of operational inefficiency in the practice front office. Office Automation MD offers four productivity enhancing applications that address common  challenges within the practice; patient/practice communication, faxing, document management and patient registration. In tandem, these four applications automate and optimize costly, time-consuming tasks that demand significant staff resources. With Office Automation MD, you will free up internal practice resources, permitting a renewed focus on delivering high-quality, valuable patient services and improve patient satisfaction.

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SmartComm – Patient and Practice Communication Management

Sometimes it seems like your staff spends too much time on the phone doing patient outreach. They probably are and it’s surely costing your practice. SmartComm is here to help. As one of the four efficiency applications offered under Office Automation MD, this automated communication tool performs patient outreach and coordination so you don’t have to. SmartComm was engineered to provide your patients with a personal communication experience, not a robotic one. Increase your communication efficiency without sacrificing your personality and brand with these features:

  • Personalized Telephone Appointment Reminders
  • Texting (SMS) and Email Reminders
  • Rescheduling appointment booking
  • Patient surveys (Telephone, Text and Email)
  • Patient Feedback and Analytics
  • Automated Bill Payment (Co-Payment and OutstandingBalances)
  • Enterprise text messaging and alerts

SmartFax – Automated e-Fax Platform

Gone are the daily battles and headaches with the office fax machine. Office Automation MD offers a comprehensive e-faxing automation tool that you can use without leaving your desk. Introducing SmartFax, an application specifically designed to automate the manual components of fax technology. SmartFax allows you and your staff to send and receive faxes from their desktop computers using everyday applications such as email. This platform is minimally disruptive because it easily integrates into your practice EMR. It is also compatible with all of the other Office Automation MD applications and is an essential component of optimized workflow. Finally, SmartFax is engineered with advanced security features that protect sensitive patient medical data and are fully compliant with HIPAA.

  • Fax from desktop, email and everyday apps
  • Send and receive all faxes electronically
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Catalogue, Index and Search faxes securely
  • Reduce material and personnel costs
  • Uses existing IT infrastructure and network to fax electronically
  • Integrates with EMR and practice workflow
  • User friendly

SmartDocs – Document Management Platform

Healthcare practices have many, many documents and managing them effectively is one of the best ways to misuse your resources. SmartDocs is an application that organizes and manages your practice documents. Practice documents are placed into an intuitive, user-friendly and accessible repository that integrates with your current IT infrastructure. This pragmatic application will resolve your document organization challenges and significantly improve practice workflow, so you can work more efficiently.

  • Repository for all internal & external documents
  • Easy to organize and helps to streamline workflows
  • Catalogue, Index and search documents securely
  • Sign and annotate on documents
  • Use existing network and IT environment to fax electronically
  • Integrate with EHR, Practice Management and other Business Systems (email)
  • Store and archive all documents (Forms, Faxes, Legal,Emails) securely

SmartVisit – Efficient and Personalized Patient Experience

Your patients will never steal one of your office pens again. SmartVisit is an automated registration platform that streamlines your patient’s experience at your practice. This application allows you to securely send your patients a variety of materials including electronic health forms, appointment registrations, advanced co-payment deposits and educational items. SmartVisit automates all of these functions so you can start delivering high-quality, valuable care as soon as they walk into your waiting room.

  • Streamline the patient experience
  • Send and have patients fill out all forms electronically
  • Registration Kiosk with advance Co-Payment option
  • Send patient satisfaction and education
  • Sign and annotate on documents
  • Use existing network and IT environment to fax electronically
  • Integrate with EHR, Practice Management and other Business Systems (email)
  • Store and archive all documents (Forms, Faxes, Legal, Emails) securely

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