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SmartOffice MD

Practice Intelligence For Your Entire Organization

How Smart Is your Practice?

Any provider or practitioner knows that healthcare is a science. To successfully achieve your value-based care objectives, you need to understand what is happening within your practice. There is a lot of pressure on practitioners today to provide quality care quickly and efficiently. Trying to accomplish that while coordinating action based on insights from different practice areas is chanllenging without the right information. SmartOffice MD will improve the intelligence and decision making process of your entire organization

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The Science Of Measuring Practice Health

Quickly comprehend your practice financial and clinical health with SmartOffice MD

Just like your patients, your practice has vital signs that indicate it's health. SmartOffice MD measures those vital signs and provides intelligent insights into your practice performance.

SmartOffice MD is a fully-integrated analytics application that delivers informed clinical and financial insights to your practice. This application provides a structured data warehouse aggregated from multiple data sources enabling real-time decision support. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can look at the past and current state of your practice, while providing meaningful intelligence for future decision-making. Admin functions allow configuration of all roles including practitioners, administrative, and practice management.

Delivering valuable care requires a robust, evidence-based decision-making process.

There are many aspects to a practice - financial, care outcomes, compliance, decision-making - to name a few. Leveraging your data, understanding it, and then gaining insight from it are critical to improving quality care. SmartOffice MD provides critical KPI’s that allow you to track all aspects of practice performance. These are all displayed in a visual analytics dashboard that is easy to understand and offers intelligent analytics.

In today’s healthcare environment, you need to place efficiency and interoperability at the top of your HIT priorities. Patients expect high-value care that is both convenient and efficient. Providers must be able to keep up with a fast-paced, high-volume environment. Informed Insights from SmartOffice MD help you deliver the best care outcomes.

Better Decision Making With SmartOffice MD

SmartOffice MD data sources include EMRs, health plans, HIE, geo analytics, web connectors, and financial performance. The data is sent to the NPS Semantic layer where it is transformed into a format compatible with the SmartOffice MD. Then, it’s sent out to your service operations in reports and dashboards. Finally, the data is delivered to various practice stakeholders including your financial and operations teams.

Your data is always easily accessible through the NPS Cloud and on mobile devices. A short implementation time means you will get immediate value from Practice Intelligence suite as soon as it is online. You can take purposeful actions based on the insights generated by SmartOffice MD, for the following areas:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Practice Performance
  • Gaps in Care
  • Incentive Programs
  • Compliance
  • Decision Support

SmartOffice MD Features and Benefits

  • Consolidate existing BI products (Analyzer, Cognos, PBI, Analytics)
  • Economies of scale with utilizing a shared architecture & infrastructure
  • Economies of scale with utilizing NPS resources (SAS Model) and Intellectual Property
  • Feature rich product that allows form scalability and multiple data sources
  • System Analyst vs. Programmer level experience for power end users
  • Decision support and usability for all role based resource types (Physicians- Administration- Practice Management)
  • Delivers role-based KPIs
  • Delivers actionable results and automation opportunities
  • Always accessible through NPS Cloud and on mobile devices
  • Simple, visual, easy to use dashboards
  • Quick and seamless implementation
  • Complimentary tools that create automation and delivers tangible value for reducing overhead, time and allows for

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